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Manhattan Double Pedestal Table
  • Manhattan Double Pedestal Table

    Constructed out of solid white oak, this table is minimilistic in design, but a very popular style in Manhatten, NY.  This design is built to order, custom made to fit your specs.  The top is constructed out of 8/4 material, finishing at a wider girth of 1.75" thickness.  The base is consisted of two boxed pedestals, again out of solid white oak.  The finish on this table is inclusive of a 7 step process including custom stain colors, glazing and toning to reveal a gorgeous finish.  Commercial grade 2K polyurethane in a dull sheen gives you a non-waxy feel to keep it to a natural look, without sacraficing protection and durabilty.  Other custom finishes are available.  


    Shipping and installation is NOT included in these prices- a seperate invoice will be sent for shipping cost depending on delivery location.

    • Lead Time

      Current lead time is approximately 12-15 weeks

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